The Story Of Le Ciel : Beginnings

Le Ciel Santorini

This is the Story of Le Ciel and how it came to be. Not so long ago, a group of innovative entrepreneurs decided to create a place of beauty and harmony. As residents of Santorini, and already friends, who better to do this than them? The name they chose, although surprisingly not Greek, was fitting. For Santorini touches the sky, and the hearts of all who visit her. Years of experience in the hospitality industry and an eye for excellence gave them a distinct advantage. Specialised knowledge in weddings, special events and all things gourmet was an additional plus. So they sat down, put their collective ‘little grey cells’ to work and imagined. Then imagination took form.

An old building in an excellent location was found. With a view to die for. The kind of view that even the gods on Mount Olympus would take umbrage with for fear it surpassed their own magical kingdom. Hammers were brought, bulldozers rolled up, they raised the place to the ground – and started again. A state of the art kitchen was installed. The terrace was laid with marble. A garden was tended to, furnishings were bought, curtains were draped, the pergola installed.

Inside, an air of elegance was paramount. Space and light must prevail throughout, and yet, a warm serenity was considered essential. Rarely has so much thought been bestowed in such minute detail. Our group of friends hoped their labour of love would host joyous events for many years to come.

Dreams do come true, for us, for you. We welcome you to Le Ciel.

P.S. Knives, forks and plates were acquired on the off chance that someone turned up .. okay, okay, writer’s prerogative for a little humour. Bear with me. This is a blog.

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Le Ciel Weddings & Events in Santorini. Nestled at the highest point of Santorini’s spectacular caldera cliffs, the endless blue and seductive sunsets create the idyllic setting to host your wedding, party or special event.

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